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Get Started with Glofox

This article will take you through;

  1. Payment Setup
  2. How to Set up Facilities
  3. Staff and Permissions
  4. Setting up and Managing Memberships
  5. Classes, Courses, and Appointments
  6. The Website Portal
  7. Social Booking
  8. Next Steps and Additional Support

Payment Setup

In order for your clients to make payments, you have to link up to one of Glofox' payment integrations. We want to ensure that you can receive payments, so we highly recommend and encourage you to complete this task first. You can find the steps in the video and articles below:

Payment Setup

How to Set up Facilities

The next thing you should do is create a Facility, which in Glofox is any room or area in your gym or studio where events like classes take place. 

How to Create a Facility

Learn more about Facilities and Facility schedules here: 

Staff and Permissions

Each staff member can log into the Glofox dashboard using the email used to set them up and the password you created for them. However, not all staff members will need the same access to each section of the dashboard. 

By allocating roles to your team, you are allowing specific access to sections of the dashboard so your Staff can carry out their duties efficiently.

Glofox Staff roles are;

Please note that you will need a Trainer profile if you instruct classes and manage the business. If any of your Staff has more than one role, they will need to create a second profile with another email address as only one role can be assigned to each email. 

Staff and Permissions

Learn more about staff roles here: 

How to Set up and Manage Memberships

Memberships are most likely the most crucial facet of your business. Getting this right means you, your Staff, and your members will get off to a great start. View the series of videos and supporting articles below to get started. 

How to Set up Single Payment Memberships 

How to Set up Recurring Memberships

How to Sell and Purchase Memberships

Find out more about Memberships in the following articles:

Classes, Courses and Appointments

You will most likely be offering some type of Class, Course, or Appointment for your clients to book into. Both options are similar, but they have some significant differences. Read to the following article to understand the difference between each one:

Now that you know what each one should be used for, it's time to start creating your schedule. Watch the videos below to get started;

How to Set up Classes and Class Schedules

How to Set up Classes and Class Schedules

Pricing and Eligibility

How to set up Courses

How to Set up Trainer Appointments

Find out more about Classes, Courses, and Appointment in the following articles:

The Website Portal 

We are getting to the point where you will introduce Glofox to your clients, so it's time to integrate Glofox to your Website. Check out the video below to get started. 

The Website Portal

Social Booking

The Website Portal can also be used on your Facebook Business page, Instagram, or Twitter account. Check out the video below to find out more.

Social Booking

For more information on the Website Portal and Social Booking, read the following articles; 

Next steps and additional support

We hope this guide has helped you get started on your Glofox Journey, check out the below articles for further training. 

If you need additional support, please reach out to us at

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