Why can’t my member book into class?


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  1. Why can’t my Members book into Class?
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Why can’t my Member book into Class? 

There are many reasons why you’re Member might be having trouble booking into a Class. Those reasons may include Membership set up, Class types, Booking Rules, etc. Below is a list of possible explanations to help you, help your Member book into Class. 

Possible 'Membership' setup explanations

  1. No enough Credits - If your class requires Credits, check their profile to ensure they have enough remaining, if not ask them to top up. 
  2. No valid Membership - Do they have an active Membership? Did their last payment fail?
  3. Membership doesn’t cover that specific class type - Some Memberships are set up with access to specific Class types, is your Member attempting to book outside of their allowed Class type?
  4. Member is attempting to book outside of their payment cycle. e.g. Your Member is on a Monthly Recurring Membership, they try to book a class 2 months from now. Even though they are scheduled to pay that month, the payment has not been recorded yet. Members can only book up to 1 payment cycle outside of their last payment 

Possible 'Booking Rule' explanations 

  1. Have you set your Calendar to show a set period of time and is your Member attempting to book outside of that? e.g. Your Member wants to book a class two weeks from now, but your booking rules are set to show only one week of classes at a time. 
  2. Have you set up a booking window and is your Member attempting to book outside of that? 
  3. Have you set a maximum number of bookings a Member can make within a certain time frame and is your Member trying to book more than is allowed?
  4. Has your Member incurred too many Strikes? If this feature is set up, you may need to reset your Members Strikes so they can continue to book in.
  5. Is your Member on the Waitlist for a Class? If you have a Waitlist set up for Classes, your Member may need to wait until a space becomes available. Alternatively, you can grant them access by increasing the Class capacity. 

Please note:

If your Member is booking a Class in advance there are a few things to consider. They will only be able to book a Class within their current payment cycle and their next payment cycle but no more than that. For example, someone on a Monthly Recurring Membership can book a Class this month and next month.

However if for example, your timetable displays one week of classes, the booking rule of one week will trump the payment cycle rule. The same applies when your Member incurs too many Strikes or has reached their maximum number of bookings in a period, ect. 

Next steps and additional support

For more information on the above, read the following articles: 

Are you still having trouble? Reach out to support@glofox.com, and we will be happy to assist you.

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