Glofox Webinar: Goodbye Guesswork, Hello Glofox Insights


Goodbye Guesswork. Hello Glofox Insights.

Do you know why your last member canceled their membership? Is there anything you could have done differently?

Maybe they weren’t motivated. Maybe they weren’t engaged. Maybe all they needed was a nudge to come back to the gym or studio.

In reality, it’s all guesswork.

We've launched a new tool called Glofox Insights. Eliminate the guesswork from your business and get certainty that your actions have a positive impact on your future.


In this webinar, we show you how you can use Glofox Insights to better understand your customer base, act quickly, and improve the health of your business.

With Glofox Insights retention reports, you can see how active your members are, the performance of each of your classes over time, and where you need to take action today to grow your profit tomorrow.

As well as increasing retention, you can use Glofox Insights to measure and increase leads, sales, and spend per customer.

Watch the webinar here: 

You can also watch our overview video here:

If you have any more questions on this week's webinar, or indeed any topics we've touched on, please do not hesitate to get in touch! 

Until next time,

Anthony Kelly
Chief Customer Officer

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