Glofox Webinar: Reduce Risk and Streamline Client Interactions With E-Agreements 


Reduce Risk and Streamline Client Interactions With E-Agreements 

Many gym owners have reached out to us asking for enhanced security for Waivers and Membership Terms and Conditions. Some wanted a better tracking system to ensure each client had signed prior to commencing a class, some wanted the ability to add multiple signatures to highlight important information within a contract, and some simply wanted a more streamlined way to request and store contracts without the use of paper. 

We listened, and are pleased to announce the launch of Glofox E-Agreements. Boosted functionality contracts designed to streamline the signature retrieval process, and enhance your protection when dealing with Waivers and Membership Terms and Conditions. 

We ran a webinar on Thursday, September 24th, to show you how E-Agreements can help you. 

Easy Setup and a Streamlined Member Experience

With E-Agreements, both you and your clients benefit from having a complete, electronic audit trail of the contract and its history with easy setup and streamlined member experience.

Your clients will receive a link to sign an E-Agreement when signing up or purchasing a Membership. These e-signatures can also be captured at your studio via Glofox Pro or the Kiosk and you also have the ability to send an email reminder to clients via the Dashboard and Glofox Pro. 

To upgrade to E-Agreements and enhance your protection, reach out to us at [email protected]. For a full list of E-Agreement features and benefits, visit our Knowledge Base. 

Anthony Kelly

Chief Customer Officer at Glofox

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