Membership Status



This article will take you through the different Membership statuses in Glofox.  

Active: Members whose membership has a start date in the past and expiry in the future and whose membership is not paused.


Paused: Members whose billing and access to the club has been paused until a specified date in the future. A paused member will have an orange ‘Paused’ tag on their profile together with the button ‘Modify Pause Duration,’ as shown in the image below.


No Membership: Members who have no membership on their account. On viewing the member’s profile and  Membership tab, you will see this member does not have an Active Membership.


Overdue: A member whose most recent recurring payment has failed. Members with this status cannot access the club after 7 days from the failed payment. If their failed payment retries successfully or is written off,  they will return to Active status. These members can be viewed in the Overdue Filter in Manage Members. 

The reason for failed payment is detailed under the member’s profile> Transactions Tab and the retry and forgive payment options.





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