Group Memberships (In Beta)


This article will take you through;

  1. What are Group Memberships?
  2. How to set up a Group Membership
  3. Next steps and additional support

What are Group Memberships?

Glofox customers can now offer group memberships to their clients. Group Memberships help you improve conversion rates by allowing you to close sales on multiple prospects at once.

Group Memberships enable you to attract and convert more leads which boosts overall revenue. Potential clients that may not have signed up to your gym or studio as an individual member in the past are often a lot more incentivized to sign up as part of a group. 

Group Memberships also help keep members engaged for longer, resulting in increased retention in the longterm. Clients who join together on a group membership are a lot more engaged due to the motivation that working out with peers provides to one another. 

Unlike other Membership types, Group Memberships can be used for couples, families, friends, personal trainer groups, sports teams, and companies.

Please note;

Group Memberships is only available in Beta for Platinum customers using Glofox Payments at present. To get access, please reach out to [email protected]

How to set up a Group Membership

To get started with Group Memberships, you should first make sure that Group Memberships are part of your Glofox package. At present, this feature is only available for Platinum customers using Glofox Payments. You can contact [email protected] to get started if you’re interested in using Group Memberships.

Once you have confirmed that you have access to group memberships, you can follow the steps below to set up a new group membership for your clients.

  1. From the Glofox dashboard homepage, click ‘Manage’
  2. Click the ‘Memberships’ tab at the top of the page
  3. Click the ‘+ Add a Membership’ button
  4. Under the ‘Details’ tab, fill in a ‘Name’ and ‘Description’ for the membership that you wish to create
  5. Enter the name of the membership into the ‘Name’ field
  6. Enter a description of the membership into the ‘Description’ fieldNewGM2Part1.gif
  7. Click the ‘Plans’ tab
  8. Click the ‘+’ button beside ‘Create a Plan’ 
  9. Enter a ‘Plan Name’
  10. For the plan ‘Type’ select 'Multiple Clients', enter the max number of clients that will be allowed to join this group membership, and ensure that the ‘Membership’ option is selected. Service credit packs cannot be shared as part of a Group Membership.
  11. Select a ‘Payment Frequency’, the date the payment ‘Starts on’ and ‘Price’ according to the specific requirements of the membership that you wish to create.
  12. Set the ‘Services provided with Plan’ to ‘Unlimited Services’ as Group Memberships are not available for ‘Restricted Services’ memberships
  13. Click ‘Save’ and your new group membership will be ready to use.NewGM2Part2.gif

Once you have a Group Membership set up, you can then assign it to the client who will be the primary member of the Group Membership going forward. You can check out our guide on How to Assign a Membership to a Client from the Dashboard if you’d like to learn more about assigning memberships to your clients. 

Please note;

  • For payment purposes, the Group Membership price cannot be split across members in the group. The primary member must pay for the entirety of the membership and any debt incurred on the Group Membership will be assigned to that one member.
  • Members cannot manage their own group. Your gym staff can manage the Group Membership at any time if your client wants a member added or removed, or if the membership needs updating.
  • A Group Membership can be purchased as a consecutive membership. You can only add the additional members to this group once it begins. 
  • You can only add as many clients to the Group Membership as you have chosen during the setup of that membership.

Next steps and additional support

Group Memberships are a great way to incentivize new members to try out your services and they’ve been shown to increase the likelihood of longer-term retention when compared to individual memberships. We’ve found that promoting Group Memberships is even more effective for conversion when combined with SMS or our lead capture form. We’ve included some helpful material below to help you get the most out of both. 

Below you’ll find some more resources for getting the most out of other membership types with Glofox. 

If you’re interested in learning more on how to get set up with Group Memberships using Glofox, reach out to [email protected].

For additional support on Group Memberships reach out to [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you.

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