Integrating Access Control with Kisi


This article will take you through;

  1. What is the Kisi Access Control integration?
  2. How does the Kisi Access Control integration work?
  3. How to get started with the Kisi Access Control integration
  4. Kisi Single App Experience
  5. Next steps and additional support

What is the Kisi Access Control integration?

We’re happy to be partnering with access control provider Kisi to integrate your Glofox member data with the physical access control in your gym or studio. This integration is currently only available to our Gold and Platinum customers.

Whether you’re starting a new fitness business or would like to integrate Glofox with your existing access control hardware, our integration with Kisi makes this a seamless process. 

With our Kisi access control integration you can:

  • Manage access control remotely for multiple locations
  • Manage the capacity of your gym by restricting access
  • See access reports in real-time
  • Differentiate access by schedule or membership e.g. 24/7 access vs. limited hours
  • Send out temporary access passes e.g. access only valid during a defined time
  • Flexibly assign Guest member access when booked through your website 

This integration is available in the US, Canada, Europe, Singapore, Australia.

How does the Kisi Access Control integration work?

Your gym or studio will need both a controller and a reader to handle the physical aspect of validating your members’ access, both of which will be provided and installed by Kisi using one of their local installation partners. An electronic lock will need to be installed at the designated entrance. 

Your members will receive an email from Kisi to get them started with an access method. At that point, they can gain access using keyfobs, keycards, or by tapping their phone on the physical reader at the entrance to your gym or studio. You can also choose to allow members to gain access using the Kisi app in which case no physical reader would be required. They will need to download the Kisi app, which is available on both iOS and Android, to use this feature. 

Staff members can grant a gym member access by clicking 'Access' on their member profile in Glofox. If a member has a valid and active membership, and the Kisi integration is active, they will be granted access to the gym. 

Once you have successfully integrated Glofox with Kisi, your access control will continually validate these members against their details stored in Glofox. When members try to access your gym or studio the system will check their membership status in real-time using Glofox. If the member has paid for their membership or class fees, or have a credit pack or drop-in for a class starting in the next 59 minutes, they will instantly be granted access. Attendance will be recorded whenever a member is granted access and you can view this information at any time from your ‘Access’ reports in Glofox

Please note;


How to get started with the Kisi Access Control integration

While Glofox fully integrates with Kisi, you will need to contact Kisi in order to have your access control set up. In order to get started, you should email and our technical support team will enable your Glofox dashboard’s Branch ID against Kisi's secure credentials. Our technical support team will reply to you with the Branch ID of your Glofox dashboard. You should then reach out to the Kisi team as they will manage the physical aspects of setting your business up with access control.

When you provide Kisi with your Glofox dashboard Branch ID, we will coordinate with them to ensure that all of your member details are fully synced with your physical access control. 

Next steps and additional support

Direct support for the Kisi access control integration is managed by Kisi. If you need additional support, reach out to Kisi’s support team and they will be happy to assist you. They also have a great Knowledge Base for all your queries which you can find here

For additional Glofox support reach out to and we will be happy to help.

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