How to Set Up a Roaming Membership


This article will take you through;

  1. What is a Roaming Membership?
  2. How to set up a Roaming Membership
  3. Roaming and Credit Packs
  4. Next steps and additional support

What is a Roaming Membership?

A Roaming Membership allows your members to sign up for a single membership that grants them access to multiple locations. For Glofox customers with multiple gyms or studios, this membership type provides your members with the choice and flexibility when it comes to where they prefer to work out.

Please note;

The location where a roaming member’s membership is originally set up is defined as their 'Home Studio' but roaming members can easily book and attend classes in any of the locations that are enabled on their membership. 

Members with a roaming membership will be visible in Glofox across all gym locations they have access to roam. They will appear in the 'Clients' section of the “MANAGE” page when you are logged into your Glofox dashboard for a location that they have permission to roam to. Any member that is roaming at your gym’s location is identified by the house icon beside their name. If you are logged into that member's home studio, the house icon will not appear next to their name.

If you hover over the house icon beside their name, you will be able to see which location is their home studio. You can also view this information from the top of their member profile. You can access an individual member’s profile by clicking on their name in the clients list from the ‘Clients’ tab in Glofox.


How to set up a Roaming Membership

A member can only roam to multiple gym locations if their membership is enabled to do so. You can find details on how to set up a roaming membership for a member below. 

  1. From the Glofox Dashboard Homepage, click ‘MANAGE’ 
  2. From the ‘MANAGE’ page, click services
  3. Click ‘+ Add’ to create a new membership or ‘Edit’ to update an existing one
  4. In the ‘Details tab, while creating or editing a membership, scroll down to ‘Advanced Settings’
  5. In the ‘Advanced Settings’ section, toggle ‘Enable Roaming To Linked Locations’ on by clicking on the button beside it. The button will turn blue when roaming is enabled for this membership type
  6. Select the ‘Branches’ that you would like to be included in the roaming membership 
  7. Click on the ‘Plans’ tab
  8. Ensure that you have at least one ‘Plan’ set up for this membership
  9. Once you are happy with the plan details, click ‘Save’ and your new roaming membership will be created. This will apply to all Plans covered under the Membership when the toggle “Enable Roaming To Linked Locations” is enabled.


Any roaming membership that you create will only appear in the Glofox dashboard for the location that was logged into when the membership was originally set up. If one location sets up a roaming membership, that membership will only appear in that location's list of memberships, from the ‘Membership’ section of the Glofox dashboard. You would have to set up the membership on each location for it to appear in each. 

Please note;

If you edit an existing membership, only brand new signups to that membership going forward will have roaming functionality i.e. if you edit an old membership that already has 100 members on it, those existing 100 members will not be able to roam. You would need to create a new membership with roaming enabled and assign it to these members if you wanted to give them the ability to roam between studios.

Once you have a Roaming Membership set up, you can then assign it to specific members with ease. You can check out our guide on How to Assign a Membership to a Client from the Dashboard if you’d like to learn more about assigning memberships to your clients.

Once a member has access to roam to another gym location, staff at that gym can continue to interact with that member as normal through their member profile on Glofox. This includes editing their personal details from the ‘Details’ tab, contacting them using the ‘Send Message’ function, or booking a class at the location that the staff member is logged into by clicking ‘+ Book’.

Please note;

Changes to memberships can only be made while logged into the home studio of a particular member i.e. canceling a membership can only be done via the home studio.


In order to allow a customer to use credits across locations, you must select ‘+ Purchase credit pack’ in the ‘Credits’ section of their member profile and set that credit pack to roaming. If you use the ‘+ Add Credits’ facility, the client will only be able to use those credits in the location from which the credits were purchased. You must purchase a credit pack that is set to roam in order for the client to be able to use these credits across locations. 


For reporting purposes, in the ‘REPORTS’ section of Glofox, you will only see data that relates to home studio members. For example, only revenue associated with clients who are a home studio member of the location you are logged into in Glofox will appear in the ‘Revenue Report’. Likewise, other reports such as the ‘Active Members’ report will only show members who signed up at the location you are logged into i.e. they need to be home members of the location that you are logged into in Glofox for them to appear in ‘Active Members’ and other reports


You can view all members that have access to the gym location you are logged into in Glofox by navigating to the “Clients” tab from the ‘MANAGE’ page and filtering by “Membership is active”. You will then see a full list of active members, including members who are not home members but have access to roam at the location that you are logged into. 


Please note;

  • Only Super Admins and Admins can enable a membership for roaming
  • You can only make changes to a clients membership so long as you are logged into the gym/studio location at which they are a home member
  • You will not be able to see the payment details or process any payments for a client unless you are logged into the gym/studio location at which they are a home member
  • It is not possible for a member to make a payment outside of their home studio in Glofox. The member can only book classes in other locations they have access to roam to, they cannot make purchases there. If a roaming client wishes to make a ‘Store’ purchase when they are outside of their home studio they will need to pay using the studio’s card terminal and your staff will need to register the transaction as a bank transfer in Glofox.

Roaming and Credit Packs

  • If credits in the restricted recurring memberships are set to eligible for all classes, then there is no other consideration. Once the roaming version is assigned to the client, they'll be able to use the credits in both studios.
  • If credits are assigned to be eligible for a Category, then, as long as the same group of classes in different locations share the same category, then the member will be able to book into those classes in both locations.
  • If the credits are assigned to be eligible for specific classes, then the credits will only be able to be used in the location the membership was purchased.
  • Set restricted memberships and service credit packs to start on their purchase date [not on the date of the first booking] so this does not prohibit the client from purchasing additional roaming packs.

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Next steps and additional support

Roaming Memberships are a great way to incentivize new members to try out your services and an excellent way to increase retention. We’ve found that promoting Roaming Memberships is even more effective for conversion when combined with SMS or our lead capture form. We’ve included some helpful material below to help you get the most out of both. 

Below you’ll find some more resources for getting the most out of other membership types with Glofox. 

For additional support on roaming memberships, reach out to and we will be happy to assist you.

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