Glofox Webinar: Sales Tax for Tax-Exclusive Gyms & Studios


We’ve been working hard to bring you improvements to our Sale Tax feature. Soon, Sales Tax will be added at the point of sale, instead of being embedded into the displayed sales price.

This enhancement was designed to improve purchase conversion for gyms and studios by showing the true value of the product or service, exclusive of tax, to eliminate price uncertainty at the point of sale.

Glofox Sales Tax will enable you to: 

  • Stay compliant with the law
  • Save time figuring out your tax rates
  • Reduce the workload of updating your accounts
  • Assign the right tax rates to the right product or service
  • Maximize sales by having clear pricing displayed to your customers

For more information on how to set up Sales Tax, please visit our Knowledge Base:

If you have any further questions about Sales Tax reach out to us at [email protected].

Stay safe, healthy, and well,

Anthony Kelly

Chief Customer Officer

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