How to Edit Facility Prices


This article will take you through; 

  1. What are facilities? 
  2. How to edit the price of a facility
  3. Next steps and additional support

What are facilities?

A Facility is a location at a gym/studio from which services like 'Classes' or 'Courses' are offered.

How to edit the price of a facility

The below steps will guide you through how to edit or update a price for a particular facility.

  1. From the Glofox Dashboard homepage, click 'Manage' icon on the left sidebar
  2. Then, click the 'Facilities' tab
  3. Scroll through the page to find the facility you are looking for or use the search bar under the 'Facilities' tab to search for it
  4. Click the 'Edit' button beside the facility
  5. In the 'Details' tab, scroll to the 'Price / Eligibility' section
  6. Update the price, for each type of client that you have enabled the ability to book into the facility for, by editing the value field
      • If you have a single price set up for this facility, enter a new price for each client type in the value fields under 'Single Price' 
      • If you have multiple prices for different member types set up, enter a new price for each client type into the value fields under 'Different Prices' 
  7. Click the 'Save' button and the facility price will be updated


Please note;

If a member has a valid credit this will override the price that is set.

Next steps and additional support

If you’d like to learn more about facilities, the revenue report, and sales tax, you can check out our resources below. 

For additional support, reach out to, and we will be happy to assist you.

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