How do I Lock an Appointment?



This article will take you though how to lock a PT or Facility slot on the calendar. 


What does "Locking an Appointment" mean?

Locking an Appointment for a PT or Facility slot prevents clients from booking the slot. Similarly to how classes or courses can be made private and do not appear to your clients, locking the appointment slot prevents clients from seeing it on your schedule on the App or the Web Portal.

Staff can enter a reason for locking a slot which will appear when they click into the slot on the dashboard. This reason will be visible to all other staff.

Staff can unlock the slot if they want to make it visible again for clients. Staff cannot book a client into the slot until it has been unlocked. 

Please Note:

  • The reason for a slot being locked is not visible on the Glofox Pro
  • Slots cannot be locked or unlocked via the Glofox Pro
  • Only unbooked slots can be locked


How do I lock an Appointment slot?

To lock an Appointment slot, follow these steps:

  1. On the Dashboard , go to the Calendar tab
  2. Find the Trainer or Facility slot you wish to lock and click into it
  3. On the right sidebar of the slot click the 'Lock' button
  4. Enter your reason for locking the slot
  5. Click 'Yes'

To unlock the slot:

  1. From the Calendar, find the same slot and click into it
  2. On the right sidebar, click 'Unlock'


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