How to create a QR Code to bring your users to the Member App.


There is a lot of free software which will allow you to create a QR code. You can embedded a link to the Glofox App allowing clients to easily access the Member App. 
One such example is:


How to create a QR Code:

Using is a simple process. All you need to do is create a free account. Then follow these steps:

  1. When choosing your QR code Select "Apps"Screenshot_2021-08-27_at_12.54.08.png
  2. Enter the name of you QR code and edit the colours if you wishScreenshot_2021-08-27_at_11.21.20.png
  3. Enter the App name, a logo and add the links to the Glofox Member App for Google Play or Apple App store (Apple - , Android - ). You can substitute the Glofox links for your Standalone App links if applicable.Screenshot_2021-08-27_at_11.21.27.png
  4. Select the frame and style of your QR code:Screenshot_2021-08-27_at_13.01.36.png
  5. You can then download your QR code to use on any advertisements. When a user scans it, it will appear like this.Screenshot_20210827_130737.jpg

Here is a sample one you can use to direct your members to the Glofox App:


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