Integrating Glofox with Intelivideo

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What is Intelivideo?

Intelivideo provide a platform to help customers 'Hybridize' the product offering. Customers can create on demand, downloadable, live streaming content across both app & web to help members access content anytime and anywhere.
Visit to find out more.

Integrating Intelivideo and Glofox?

To integrate Glofox with Intelivideo you will first need to set up a Intelivideo account, you can do that here;
Once set up, you will need to get in touch with Intelivideo to let them know you want to integrate with Glofox, then they will email us to complete the integration on our end. You will also need to let Intelivideo know which membership plans are to be granted access on Intelivideo. To do this you will need to provide them with your Branch ID , Membership ID(s) and Plan ID(s). 
You can grab this information from the Manage Memberships section in Glofox.  By hitting the arrow in the top right corner of a membership plan next to Plus and Bin icons, you will grab a shareable link to your membership.

If you paste this link into a text editor it will look something like this:

The Green - Branch ID
The Blue -  Membership ID
The Red - Plan ID
You will need to provide the Membership ID & Plan ID for each individual Membership plan you wish to have access to Intelivideo

Intelivideo pricing structure

Although the integration between Glofox and Intelivideo is free, Intelivideo is an external service that is not included in your Glofox subscription. For more details on Intelivideo pricing, you should contact

Next Steps and additional support?

For additional support, reach out to, and we will be happy to assist you. 
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