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This article will take you through;

What are 'Add-on' Services?

What is the benefit of setting up an 'Add-on'?

How will they work?

When will 'Add-ons’ be live?

Where can I find out more?

What are 'Add-on’ Services?


'Add-on services' allows you to offer members who already have an active membership another service (membership). 

Up until now, members have no easy way to offer multiple/concurrent memberships to a member. Currently to offer two memberships at the same time to an existing member you have to manually cancel the existing membership and set up a new membership that combines the services you want to offer.

What is the benefit of setting up an 'Add-on'?

'Add-ons' allow you to offer additional services and in turn an improved experience to your customers. 'Add-ons' can reduce manual workaround times and help ensure your membership reports are more accurate.


Below are examples of 'Add-on' services that will be possible to set up and ‘Add-on’ to an existing membership. (n.b. Member has to have an existing membership to be able to purchase an Add-on)

  • Member has a membership for club/studio and wants also to purchase a recurring 'Add-on' for a Nutrition Plan or Personal Training
  • Member has a membership for club/studio and wants to pay for recurring access to a service (Tanning Room, Massage Room, Locker Access)
  • Member has a membership for a club/studio and also wants to purchase a separate 'online' membership to complement the existing one
  • Member has a membership for a club/studio and also wants to sign up to a 'Challenge' membership for a period

How will they work?

'Add-ons' will work in a similar way to memberships. Initially 'Add-ons' will only be available for staff to create and sell to members. Add-ons will be set up via the existing memberships set up area on the Glofox dashboard. 

Once set up, on the client 'membership' tab staff will be able to sell and purchase 'Add-ons' for members with an existing membership.





‘Add-ons’ can be single (upfront payment) or recurring. 

Payments for recurring ‘Add-ons’ will be processed at the same time as the primary membership. This means that if the ‘Add-on’ is recurring the recurring period will need to match the primary membership. (e.g. A monthly recurring Add-on will need to be linked to a monthly recurring membership.)

When will 'Add-ons' be live?

We expect to begin roll out of this feature from December 2021

Where can I find out more?

To find out more about 'Add-ons' and potentially get early access to this feature please contact

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