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This article will take you through; 

Why is it important to capture consent?

What consent is captured through Glofox?

How can members opt-in to marketing communications?

How can members update their preferences?

Third party integrations

Instructions for adding SMS Terms & Conditions

Why is it important to capture consent? 

At Glofox, we work to maintain the highest privacy standards for you, our customers, and the clients and members at your gym or studio. A key part of any successful data protection policy is managing your clients' preferences/permission when it comes to marketing communications and the receipt of promotional material. That's why we're making improvements to ensure we're offering you the maximum protection against large fines. 

Under GDPR, TCPA, CSLA for example, you can’t just assume that clients want to be contacted, recipients of promotional emails and texts must give consent to receiving them. Consent needs to be provided in a ‘freely given, specific, informed, granular and unambiguous’ way. 

At Glofox, we want to provide the tools as part of our platform to help you comply and manage your data protection obligations. If your studio is found to be non-compliant, you could be subject to large fines, the latest improvements will help to ensure you have maximum protection. 

Please note;

  • The consent you've already captured for your existing clients will not be affected. They will however, have the option to update their preferences on the member profile if desired. 

What consent is captured through Glofox? 

  • SMS 
  • Email 
  • Certain push notifications 


Clients now have the ability to opt-in to either Email and/or SMS during the sign up flow on the Member App, the Web Portal, Dashboard, Lead Generation form, Pro App Kiosk and the Web Based Kiosk. 

Push notifications

Please note, general push notification permissions are handled through iOS and Android settings. If the client allows push notifications during the Member App onboarding, marketing push notifications will be enabled by default. 

The client can easily disable the marketing push notifications from their profile in the Member App and the Web Portal if desired. 

If the client has deactivated their marketing push notifications in the member profile, but still has their push notifications enabled on their phone settings, it’s still possible to send non-marketing push notifications (e.g. if the studio is closed for a holiday).

How can members opt-in to marketing communications?

As mentioned above, clients can opt-in to marketing communications as part of the following sign up flows:

  • Member App
  • Web Portal 
  • Pro App Kiosk 
  • Lead capture forms 
  • Web Kiosk 
  • Dashboard 


How can members update their preferences?

Clients have the ability to update their preferences on their profile in the Member App or the Web Portal. On the member profile, they have the ability to update their marketing communications preferences for Email, SMS and push notifications. 


Please note, super admins, admins and receptionists can opt clients out on the member profile on the dashboard. However, to ensure privacy standards, only super admins have the ability to opt-in on behalf of the client on the member profile. 

Below shows an example of an Admin opting a member out. Since they do not have Super Admin permissions they can’t opt the member back in from the ‘Details’ tab on the member profile. 


Third party integrations 

Mailchimp Integration 

If any of your clients hit “unsubscribe” on a marketing email, their preferences will be updated in Glofox. Similarly, if any of your clients change their email preferences on their Glofox member profile, it will automatically update your mailing list - it works seamlessly so that’s one less thing you need to worry about! 

Twilio Integration 

The Twilio integration works slightly differently to Mailchimp. If a client replies ‘STOP’ to opt out of SMS, and later decides that they want to opt back in, this will have to be done through Twilio. It will not be possible to opt back into SMS through the Glofox member profile if the opt-out request was initially carried out through Twilio. However, if the client opts out of SMS through Glofox, and decides that they want to opt back in, they can do so through the Glofox member profile. 

‘Connect’ emails 

Please note: All emails set in the ‘Connect’ section on the Glofox dashboard are transactional emails like receipts or booking confirmations, this will not be affected by this change or by changes to marketing permissions.  

Instructions for adding SMS Terms & Conditions 

If you would like to add a link to SMS terms & conditions from the SMS consent on the Web Portal, Member App or Kiosk please follow the below steps. Please be aware that linking out to the SMS terms & conditions for additional information is a requirement in certain markets. If it’s a requirement in the markets you’re operating in, please follow the below steps to add the T&Cs to the template on the dashboard. 

  1. Go to the ‘Forms’ tab in ‘Settings’ on the dashboard 
  2. On the ‘SMS Terms and Conditions’ hit ‘Edit’ 
  3. Add in the terms and conditions. Glofox can provide a generic sample SMS T&Cs template (available at the bottom of the article). 
  4. Hit ‘Save’
  5. The SMS T&Cs link will now be visible to the client on the SMS consent checkbox during the sign up flow on the member app and the web integration 

Please note;

  • The SMS T&Cs example is purely for informational purposes only and you should consult with your legal counsel before saving it on the dashboard. Once the content is added, the SMS terms link will appear on the SMS consent checkbox.
  • If you do not want to link out to additional SMS terms & conditions, simply leave the template on the dashboard blank and the link will not appear on the SMS consent checkbox. 

Below shows an example of an Admin adding SMS Terms & Conditions on the ‘Forms’ tab in ‘Settings’. If the SMS T&Cs template is filled in, there will be a link to view on the SMS consent checkbox during sign up. 


Instructions for changing the consent text in the Dictionary 

The Email & SMS consent copy can be changed in the dictionary. Please consult with customer service should you wish to update this content. 

Next steps and additional support

Please note this is the latest version of consent available. An earlier version which includes a combined consent for email and SMS is still available in certain markets. 

For additional support, reach out to, and we will be happy to assist you.

Click below for the sample SMS Terms & Conditions: 

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