Recurring Class Bookings For Unlimited & Restricted Memberships

  1. Recurring class bookings overview and benefits 
  2. Instructions for setting up a recurring class booking

  3. Confirmed bookings vs. reservations 

  4. What happens if a reservation fails to turn into a confirmed booking?

  5. Recurring class bookings on restricted memberships
  6. Deleting recurring class bookings in bulk

Recurring class bookings overview and benefits 

You can now make block or recurring class bookings for your clients using the ‘Book multiple’ option when booking a class from the calendar. Having the option to set up a block or recurring booking has several advantages: 

  1. Reward loyal clients: guarantee a spot for your regular clients in their preferred class and improve overall customer satisfaction
  2. Save administration time: reduce time spent booking individual classes, and create time for other important aspects of your gym/studio
  3. Improved projections: have better visibility of future bookings to help understand forward demand and staff scheduling

Please note: 

  • Recurring Class Bookings are available for staff on the dashboard for unlimited and restricted memberships 
  • Recurring Class Bookings is not available for clients in the Member App or the Web Portal 

Instructions for setting up a recurring class booking

  1. On the dashboard, navigate to the calendar 
  2. Select the class you want to book from the calendar 
  3. Hit ‘Book member’ and search for the client 
  4. Select the ‘Book multiple’ button
  5. Select one or multiple days 
  6. Select a time from the dropdown for each day 
  7. Choose a date you would like the recurring classes to end 
  8. Hit ‘check availability’ to see whether all classes are available to book. Classes that are unavailable will need to be booked separately. 
  9. Once you’re happy with the available classes, hit ‘book’ and wait for the booking or reservation confirmation 


Please note: 

  • The class bookings will commence from the date of the class selected on the calendar
  • The recurring class bookings will finish at the membership expiry date, or at the selected end date when creating the booking (whichever comes first)
    • Note: for restricted membership bookings, the max you can book is currently up to 4 months
  • Date of first booking memberships are not supported yet, the memberships should be date of first purchase 
  • The membership must also be active to create a recurring booking, future memberships are not supported yet

Confirmed bookings vs. reservations 

A reservation is a new concept which is required to facilitate recurring class bookings. Reservations are used for classes that are further out. Your clients shouldn’t notice the difference between a confirmed booking and a reservation - it’s still a guaranteed spot in the class. Once the reservation reaches the bookable window (i.e. the schedule that is set by the studio in class settings), the reservation will be converted into a confirmed booking.  

There are certain instances where the reservation may fail to convert into a confirmed booking. This may happen due to the following reasons: 

  • The membership is no longer valid i.e. classes on the membership have changed 
  • The payment fails 
  • The client’s account is in a locked or paused state 

What happens if a reservation fails to turn into a confirmed booking?

If the booking fails to convert, the booking will be cancelled and it will be released for other clients to book. For the initial release, the member will not receive a cancellation email, however, this will be added at a later point. In the meantime, the member can view their upcoming bookings on the Web Portal and the Member App and cancel any confirmed bookings if necessary. 

Recurring class bookings on restricted memberships

Recurring class bookings for restricted memberships are available on the Dashboard only.
They will follow the exact same steps as the recurring class booking flow for unlimited memberships.

In order to set this up, make sure your booking windows are enabled to 'Anytime'. You can adjust this in your Booking settings.

bookingwindow.gifThe timetable display must be set past the current and next cycle; if not, the bookings will not be processed successfully.
If the client doesn’t have enough credits to book the number requested for that cycle, the additional bookings will show as ‘Unavailable’. Bookings will only be made for the number of credits available within that cycle.

Restricted memberships can be booked for up to 4 months currently. 

Deleting recurring class bookings in bulk 

A recurring class booking (unlimited & restricted memberships) can be either individually cancelled or cancelled in bulk.

  • The Admin will have the option to delete out the single class, or the selected class and all following classes.
    • By selecting all following classes, all confirmed bookings and reservations will be removed



Please note:

Only future bookings can be bulk-cancelled from the calendar.

Next steps and additional support

For additional support, reach out to, and we will be happy to assist you.

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