Using Add-on Services (Beta)


This article will take you through our new Add-on Services feature

  1. What is an Add-on Service?
  2. How do Add-on Services work?
  3. Booking with Add-ons
  4. How do I set up an Add-on?
  5. How do I add an Add-on to a member?
  6. Purchasing an Add-on in the Member App 
  7. Using Add-ons with Group Memberships
  8. Tracking Add-on Revenue
  9. Next steps and additional support

What is an ‘Add-on Service’?

An Add-on service allows you to offer additional services to members with an active membership. It allows you to Add-on another service or product to effectively improve the membership offering. 

Without this feature in order to offer members additional services a membership would have to be canceled and another membership with a combined bundled offering setup and purchased.

'Add-ons' allow you to offer additional services and in turn an improved experience to your customers. 'Add-ons' can reduce manual workaround times and help ensure your membership reports are more accurate.

Below are examples of 'Add-on' services that are possible right now to set up and ‘Add-on’ to an existing membership. (n.b. Member has to have an existing unlimited membership to be able to purchase an Add-on)

  • Member has a membership for a club/studio and wants to purchase 5 credits for Trainer Appointments
  • Member has a membership for club/studio and wants also to purchase a recurring 'Add-on' for a Nutrition Plan 
  • Member has a membership for a club/studio and also wants to purchase a recurring Mat, Locker, Towel Service 'Add-on' to complement the primary membership
  • Member has a membership for a club/studio and also wants to sign up to a 'Challenge' or 'Bootcamp' for a period

How do Add-on Services work?

Add-ons can be purchased for a member via the Dashboard or through the Member App. Add-ons are linked to the existing membership so you must have a membership to be able to purchase an add-on.

Rules that apply to the membership apply to the add-on. Any key action taken on the membership will also affect the Add-on (e.g. pausing & canceling). Add-ons can be added to a recurring or single membership. If the membership is recurring and the Add-on is recurring they must have the same billing cycle.

If an Add-on is added to an account midway through a clients billing cycle, they will be charged a prorated amount on the day its added, and then in line with the Memberships next payment date

Please Note;

  • Add-ons are not available for Restricted Memberships
  • Add-ons can not extend beyond the end of the membership
  • When a membership is cancelled, so is the Add-on

Booking with Add-ons

It's now possible to create an Add-on for bookable services such as trainers, classes and facilities.
By selecting the 'Type' during set up you can allow the "Add-on" to grant unlimited or limited access to Classes Trainers, or Facilities.
To set up limited access for an 'Add-on' you can set a credit limit when creating the Add-on. These operate in a similar way to how credits currently work in the System. When purchased the members will get the selected number of credits which will be shown on the their profile, in the Add-ons section in the Membership tab on their profile. Each booking made for the service those credits are eligible for will take a credit away from their amount. When a member cancels, credits may be returned depending on cancellation settings you have.  The member can keep track of their Add-ons credit in the in the Add-on section in the App.

The Add-on credits priority work in a slightly different way to how the old service credit packs work in the system. Add-ons will take priority over Membership or existing credits.
When booking, the system will check if the member has an "Unlimited Add-on" first and use that if applicable, after it will check for "Add-on credits".
If the member has more than one Add-on, it will use the Add-on that is expiring first.
If the expiry date on two Add-ons is the same, it will take from the one that was purchased first.


Please Note;

  • Add-ons credits do not display in 'Credits' tab on the member profile
  • Add-ons cannot be restricted to a specific Trainer, Facility  or Class

How do I set up an Add-on?

  1. Navigate to the services tab (previously called memberships) on your dashboard
  2. Select New Service and then Add-on
  3. Create a plan name and select the 'Type" the Add-on is for
  4. Set whether the Add-on is a single Payment or a recurring one
  5. Select the price and frequency of the payment (This must match the billing cycle of the membership the user is on)
  6. If you have selected Classes, Facilities or Trainers as the "Type", you can select a credit limit to restrict the amount of sessions this user can book in to with this Add-on



How do I add an Add-on to a member?

To purchase an Add-on for a Member follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Member you wish to add a Add-on to
  2. Click on the Membership Tab and scroll down to the "Add-on's Section
  3. Select the Add-on you wish to add
  4. Proceed with Transaction.



Purchasing an Add-on in the Member App 

Any client that has an active unlimited membership now has the ability to purchase an Add-on service in the Member App. This provides more flexibility for your members and reduces the reliance on the Studio/Gym Admin to process the Add-on. Members can purchase multiple Add-ons in the app, so it can help to boost your overall revenue. 

  1. Navigate to the ‘Memberships’ tab 
  2. Click on ‘Buy Add-ons’ 
  3. View Add-on in the member profile


Using Add-ons with Group Memberships 

Add-ons can be used alongside Group Memberships.

To add a recurring Add-on to a group membership you must do this through the Primary group member. This can be added the same way you would normally add an Add-on, however you can only select one member of the group at a time to add the Add-on to. If you want to add the Add-on to multiple members of the group, you will need to go through the purchase flow each time on the primary members account for the member you want to add the Add-on to. 

For prepaid Add-ons you can add this from the Primary, or from any of the members accounts. Again this is limited to selecting one member of the group per purchase, so to add to all members you will need to go through the purchase flow each time

To add an Add-on to a Group Memberships

  1. Go to the primary members of the groups account (or secondary if its a prepaid add on)
  2. Select the Add-on you wish to add to a member in the group
  3. Select the Group Member you wish to add the Add-on to
  4. Proceed with transaction
  5. Repeat if necessary for additional members of the group.


Please Note;

  • Add-ons are for Group Memberships can only be purchased via the Dashboard by Staff

Tracking Add-on Revenue

Revenue from the Add-on service will display in the Transaction reports the same as any other transaction. Additionally you can see a more detailed break down in the Revenue report under the "Membership, Credit Packs, Add-ons" section as show below.



Next steps and additional support

For more information on the Add-ons feature contact


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