How can a member delete their profile in the Member App?


As part of new requirements from Apple, we have now added a delete account button within the Member App on both Apple & Android devices. This allows users to request account deletion. Clicking this sends an email with the deletion request to to the email address associated with the Studio in your Studio Settings. The member receives an email that the request was sent and will be processed shortly.
Once the request has been made you can delete the member from your clients list and request full deletion of the members details from our Glofox support team at When you receive a notification that the member's data has been deleted from the database, you should let the member know that the request has been successful.



Q: Will users still have access to the member app after sending the account deletion request?

A: Yes, until the account deletion process is completed the members will stay logged-in and will be able to access their account and use the app. Once we delete their data, they will lose access when they re-enter the app.


Q: Can we disable this option in the App?

A: Unfortunately it is not possible to remove this option from the Member App, as it is required to ensure the App remains available on the Apple & Play store.


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