New: How to use the new Checkout feature


In this article we will take you through everything in our new Checkout feature, which allows you to process multiple items in the one cart

1. What is the new Checkout Feature
2. What are the benefits of the new Checkout feature?
3. How do I use the new Checkout feature?


What is the new Checkout Feature?

The new Checkout feature is a new way of processing transactions through the Dashboard.
It is a new cart which allows you to combine Store Products,  Unlimited Memberships and Restricted Memberships into a single transaction which will provide a more streamlined approach.
The old cart feature still remains on your Dashboard for additional purchases not yet available in our new checkout feature


What are the benefits of the new checkout feature?

The new checkout feature will allow you to combine multiple items into one transaction instead of putting each one through separately. This will allow for a quick experience from the admin side. 

Quick and easy search options allow you to choose the right items for the purchase, while clear and concise details of taxes, discounts, subtotals and totals are clearly displayed.

From a members perspective they will receive one receipt with all their items instead of multiple receipts. 


How do I use the new Checkout feature?

You can access the new Checkout feature via the "Checkout" button in the top right of the Dashboard.

  1. Click the Checkout icon on the left side of the Dashboard
  2. On the new page, select the client you wish to purchase an item or items for by clicking "Select Client"
  3. Click select item and select the product/service you wish to purchase for the client.
  4. If required click select item again to select additional products or services for the client.
  5. Select the payment method on the right of the page, under the Payment breakdown
  6. Click "Pay"
  7. Once the transaction has been completed you can "Close Cart" to return to the Dashboard or start a "New Checkout"



Please Note:

  • When purchasing a next term membership (pro-rated or future), Checkout will only show the amount to be charged at that time, not the full membership price. 
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