New Version of Appointments - Variable Appointments


Appointments Overview

The new version of Appointments provides more flexibility around appointment creation and management. Traditionally on Glofox, the Trainer has been associated with one appointment duration and one set price.

The latest Appointment updates provide ultimate flexibility to create any appointment type, duration and price i.e. PT 30mins, PT 60mins, Massage 60mins, Massage 90mins, Nutrition Consultation 45mins, or a Physio appointment 50mins. The new version of Appointments also introduces Appointment scheduling to the Pro App. 


Below are the benefits of the new version of Appointments: 

  • Flexibility to set any appointment type, with varying durations and prices
  • Increase revenue potential by expanding the appointment offering in your studio/gym
  • Trainer double bookings will no longer be possible
  • Less reliance on studio admins to manage the appointments on the trainer’s behalf since the trainer can now schedule their own appointments in the Pro App
  • Members will be able to view and book the desired appointment type, trainer, duration and price in the Member App
  • Ability to create recurring appointments to ensure you secure your clients weekly slot 

Appointment Creation Page

The latest version of appointments has a new ‘Appointments’ definition page that can be found under the ‘Manage’ tab on the Dashboard. This page will provide the flexibility to create any appointment type. 

To set up an appointment:

  • Go to the ‘Manage’ icon on the Dashboard and hit ‘Appointments’
  • Set the Appointment name and description
    • Note: the description will be displayed to the client in the Member App
  • Add one or multiple trainers that are eligible to take the appointment
  • Set the duration of the appointment
  • Option to set a ‘Category’. This connects the appointment to a membership/credit pack which has been created for that specific category.
    • Note: if you want the appointment to be eligible for a membership/credit pack that is set for ‘All Appointments’, simply leave the ‘Category’ field blank
  • Under the ‘Attending without a credit’ section, you can set a drop-in price and select which memberships should be eligible for the appointment


Once the appointment is created, you can view it on the Appointment list page. Edits can be made by clicking on any appointment.


Note: If an existing appointment is edited on the appointment definition page, all existing booked and unbooked appointments will retain the original price and duration set.

Appointment booking


Once the appointment is created under the ‘Manage’ section, a single or a recurring appointment can be scheduled on the calendar.

  1. Go to the calendar and select the slot you want
  2. Select ‘Appointment’
  3. Add the date, appointment type, start time and the trainer
    Note: the appointments created under the ‘Appointments’ in ‘Manage’ will be visible here
  4. If applicable , select the member you wish to book into the appointment
  5. The ‘Display publicly in app’ toggle gives you control over whether to show the appointment to members or to keep it private

For more details on how to set up a recurring appointment, see here


Pro App

Super Admins, Admins, Receptionists and Trainers can now schedule appointments from the Pro App.

  • Note: Trainers will only be able to view and schedule their own appointments

Once the appointment is created on the Dashboard, the appointment can be scheduled in the Pro App.

Follow the below steps to schedule an appointment on the Pro App:

  • Once the appointment type is created on the Manage section, the appointment slot can be booked at any time in the Pro App
  • In the Pro App, select the Appointment type, start time and whether it should be visible to clients in the app
  • Once that’s complete, you can continue through the flow to book a client


Appointment booking in the Member App & Web Portal

Members now have more flexibility and can book different appointment types and different durations with eligible trainers in the app and on the Web Portal.

Note: The Trainers category has been renamed to Appointments, to support varying appointment types. Please check the dictionary settings for this key in case you want to make changes to the text displayed (Platinum Only).

Members should follow the below steps to book an appointment on the Member App: 

  • Ensure the trainer's schedule is set on the Dashboard under the 'Appointment Availability' button on the Dashboard calendar
    • Note: it's important to ensure trainers are added to the correct appointments under the 'Manage' section on the Dashboard. Once the trainer hours are set, it will display the available slots in the Member App 
  • Scroll through the available appointments that display different appointment types, durations, trainers names and images and hours
  • Click on the desired appointment to view details of the appointment, including the appointment description, or use the “Quick booking” function by clicking on the trainer image & time
  • Review the price of the appointment (price or credit amount) and complete the checkout process 
  • Once the appointment is booked the member will see a success screen summarizing the event and receive a confirmation email 
  • Booked appointments will display in the timetable with a label “Booked” and will display in the Bookings tab in the main navigation. 
  • If the member wishes to cancel the appointment they can do so by clicking on it from the timetable or their bookings tab. 

Note: It may occur that while the member is attempting to make the booking, the slot is no longer available. In this case, they will see a message in the app saying that the trainer already has a booking in this slot and urge them to find another time for the appointment.

On the Web Portal:

Bookings on the Web Portal can be done by clicking on the Appointments tab on the Web Portal. From here you can filter via Trainer, or by Appointment type. 



Please note;

  • The 'Appointment Availability' button on the calendar should be used to add a daily schedule, once that's set, appointments will be visible in the Member App. 

How can I activate the new version of appointments on my account?

If you want the ability to offer different appointment types at varying durations, speak to your Customer Success Manager today and they will get it activated on your account.

Note: it is not possible to revert back to the old version of appointments once your account has been migrated. Please read the limitations below to ensure it won't impact your day-to-day operations. 

What limitations should I be aware of before migrating?

  1. Once the Trainers Availability is created, any appointment that the trainer has been added to on the Appointments set up page, will be visible for clients to book in the app and web portal. It is not possible to create a trainer schedule for a specific appointment. 
  2. Booking Appointments in the past is not possible yet. 

What to expect once the migration is complete: 

Trainers set as ‘Bookable

  • Trainers set as ‘Bookable’ will be converted → Appointments
    • The schedule info will be removed
    • Pricing will be copied across
    • The Appointment name will take the Trainer Name. This can be edited on the appointment page if necessary. The description will also be pulled across

We do this to ensure we can move your bookings that existed with the old version of appointments across to the new version. 

  • Future slots that existed before migrating to Appointments Release 1
    • Booked slots will covert to new appointment slot - booking will be retained
    • Any unbooked slots will be deleted
  • Past slots that that existed before migrating to Appointments Release 1
    • Past booked slots will be retained
    • Unbooked slots will be deleted

Restricted Memberships/Credit Packs set to Appointments

  • Credits set to ‘All Appointments’ - these will continue to be available for all appointments and any new appointments created
  • Credits set to ‘Categories’ - these will continue to be available for all appointments and any new appointments created. Category options will be kept the same
  • Credits set to specific Trainers - the options will change from Trainers as the options to the set Appointment name


  • Taxes will not be migrated. Please go to Settings -> Tax page to create your taxes and assign them to the appointments 

Post migration 

  1. You will need to refresh/ log out and in once the migration is complete on both the Dashboard and Pro App 
  2. Under ‘Manage’ navigate to the ‘Appointments’ tab
    1. You should see any appointments you had created previously available on the list view. 
    2. Click to edit any appointment and change the appointment name from the Trainer name to the desired Appointment name i.e. Joe Smith -> 30min PT. The pricing and trainers will pull through from your previous set up. 
    3. If you want to set up any new appointment, simply click on the ‘Add Appointment’ button on the appointment overview page 
  3. If any new appointments are created, please go to Settings -> ‘Tax’ page to add any necessary taxes. 


More info 

Looking for information on Recurring Appointments? See here

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