Migrating from Stripe Standard to glofox payments


A migration from a standalone Stripe account to glofox payments is seamless, and generally takes just a few days to complete once requested.

During this process, our team will work with Stripe to ensure all details are migrated over, however, we will still need you to complete some steps to kick things off.

To migrate your existing saved payment details over to glofox payments, please follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your standalone Stripe account by navigating to this link: Stripe Login
  • Once logged in, head to Stripe's Help Centre, and select 'Data Migrations' from the 'What do you need help with?' drop down menu.

  • Fill out the form in the below format:


Please note;

  • You will need to insert the correct 'Destination Merchant ID' for your region
    • If you are in the US, please use: acct_1BaVrIG169MUOFIq
    • If you are not in the US, please use: acct_1BRORrBWt0BD8l47

Once this process is completed, you're all set. The migration process can take up to 10 days, but we'll handle all the rest along the way. 

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