How does the Price / Eligibility section work


The Price / Eligibility section is a setting which appears on the setup of a Class/Course/ Facility and bookable Trainer pages.

It allows you to set up the price associated with booking that event. There are two different options when setting up Price / Eligibility - they are Single Price & Multiple Prices

Single Price


Single price gives you two options for the price of a class. It is useful if the Studio has a lot of memberships and/or constantly adding new ones. It does not allowed for tiered pricing for per class for different memberships.

  • Drop In Clients - This is the price a person without a membership or service credit pack will have to pay for the event. Toggling this off will prevent people without a membership from booking (Unless they have a valid Active credit for the event). You can enter a higher price here for non members to pay, or keep the price the same.

  • Clients - This is the price a person with any membership or service credit pack will have to pay for the event. If a client has a credit pack but the credits are not valid for the class, they will pay the price associated here providing the price is not 0. Toggling this off will prevent people on any membership from booking (unless they have a valid active credit.)

Different Prices


Different Prices behaves in an identical way but allows for a greater amount of control. In this setting instead of setting a price for all Memberships you can select a different price for the event for each individual membership (not per plan). Different Prices will not show as an option if the Studio is roaming. (As memberships are different in each studio, there would be no way to list all the memberships in different prices)


Please Note:

  • Credits will always override the price in the Price/Eligibility section. Even if the toggle is for the membership is off, the credit will override it.

  • It's not possible to take a credit and a fee for a class, it will always just take the credit where it is available.
  • Despite the "Note" about credits showing on the courses page, Credits cannot be used for course Courses
  • If a Member on a Restricted Subscription has run out of credits they can book at the price associated with the membership, as long as the price is >0 . If the price is 0 they will be blocked from booking to prevent free access to classes.
  • Roaming Studios will only be able to select the Single Price option.

  • If the Studio has "Registration from Web Portal & App" disabled the option for Drop in Clients/PAYG will not show.

  • If a Membership is deleted, the option will no longer show in the Different Prices section for that membership. Instead it will remain what ever it was when deleted. If you restore the membership you can see it and change it again. If Single Price is selected there will be no issue.


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