How to Add an Upfront Fee to a Membership


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What is an Upfront Fee?

An 'Upfront Fee', also known as a registration fee, joining fee, enrollment fee or sign-up fee is an additional fee added to the first payment of Recurring Membership. The purpose of this fee is usually to cover costs like admin, customer acquisition costs, gym maintenance, etc.

They can be an excellent way to lock your clients into long-term memberships because they'll know if they leave and rejoin, they will have to pay the 'Upfront Fee' again. This can also be negative because if your clients do leave, they might be bitter about having to pay the fee a second time to rejoin. If you do add an 'Upfront Fee' you should be careful to be as transparent and competitive as possible with your pricing. 


How to add an Upfront Fee to a membership

There are two ways to add an 'Upfront Fee' when your members sign up. Firstly, you can add a joining fee to all customers by adding it to the subscription.

Please Note: This feature is only available on recurring memberships.

How to add an Upfront Fee to all clients on a Recurring Membership

  1. From the dashboard, go to the 'Manage' icon and click memberships
  2. Enter your membership details and click 'Plans' and then 'Create Plan'
  3. Under 'Payment Frequency', select 'Recurring' 
  4. You will then see an option to toggle on 'Joining Fee' 
  5. Set the price and click 'Save' 

Now anyone that purchases this membership will have a joining fee added to their first payment. 

Secondly, you can add a joining fee or change the price of a joining fee when you are assigning a membership manually via the dashboard to a client. 

How to add an Upfront Fee to individual client's when purchasing a membership

  1. From the dashboard, click the 'Manage' tab and then the 'Clients' tab, or use 'Global Search'
  2. Search to find the client you want to buy for
  3. This will pull up your client's profile, click the 'Membership' tab;
    • If the client has no existing membership, you will see a button that says 'Add Membership+'
    • If the client already has a membership and you are buying a 'Consecutive Membership' for them, you will see a button that says ' Add Next Membership+'
  4. A list of available memberships will appear, select 'Purchase' on the one you want 

Please Note: Remember, to add an 'Upfront Fee', you must select a 'Recurring Membership', if you select a 'One-Off Payment' membership, you will be changing the full price of that membership. If you wish to add a joining fee to a 'One-Off Payment' membership, you can process it as a 'Custom Charge'.

To find out more about 'Custom Charges', read the below article;

Next steps and additional support

Want advice on membership fees? Read the below blogs; 

For additional support, reach out to, and we will be happy to assist you. 

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